Open Reader API

This is an effort to define a new common feed-syncing API protocol based (or not) on Google Reader. We recognise that we are many – many competing against each other – and many with conflicting agendas. But we come together here, putting aside our differences, to support RSS and the its ecosystem. Recognising that only by sharing a common platform can we make RSS easily consumable and help the average users … Read the full statement.

This aims to standardize all feed sync API initiatives.

Note: The documentation is preliminary.

Get involved

  1. Voice your support. This endeavor requires broad support. It will only work if all major feed syncing platforms decide to cooperate on a new protocol. First step is to agree, that we are all working our way towards the same common goal.
  2. Join the mailing list and the discussion. It keeps you up-to-date. Plenty of good ideas have already been put forth and the discussions are well away.
  3. Contribute. How should the specifications look? Well, that’s for the developers of the protocol and you to decide. All submissions are encouraged. To submit a change, fork this repository, commit your changes and send a pull request.