Open Reader API


This page is a list of resources pertaining to exsiting and past RSS APIs and any other sources of information that may aid in the creation of the Open Reader API.

APIs listed are not Open Reader API compliant as the specification is still being developed. A separate page for services that fully support the Open Reader API will be created once more work is done.

RSS Services & RSS API Documentation

BirdReader API
BirdReader not only has a web interface, it also has a clean(ish) RESTful API too, which you can use to build your own front-ends
Feedbin API
Feedbin’s REST-style API.
Fever API Public Beta
This API is in public beta and currently supports basic syncing and consuming of content.
NewsBlur API
“We’re quite pleased to point out that this entire API is open-source, including the implementation of the endpoints.”
Tiny Tiny RSS Json API
Since version 1.4.0, Tiny Tiny RSS has an API. Terminal based Newsbeuter supports it.
The Serverside Aggregated Feeds (SAF) protocol allow multiple lightweight clients to access feeds of data that are checked and fetched by a central server. Or in human speak: like Google Reader, but with a standardized protocol.
Selfoss Restful API
selfoss offers an restful JSON API for applications. If you are a programmer of a mobile app, plugin or any other system which wants to access selfoss then this is your place.

Unofficial Google Reader Documentation

undocgoogle 1.0 documentation by Daniel
This information is unofficial and subject to change. Some resource about Google Reader api is available, but unfortunately a lot of the information in that document is outdated, so I trying to gather these info and update it.
Pyrfeed’s Documentation
This document is totally unofficial. You should not rely on anything on this document is you need an exact information. This document has been made mainly by reverse engeneering the protocol.
Nick Bradbury’s Documentation
It’s from 2009. Parts of it are surely out-of-date (authentication, for sure), and it was written with the expectation that the reader is familiar with NewsGator syncing.
google-reader-api by Mihai Parparita
Hosts documentation and the issue tracker for the (unofficial) Google Reader API.

Other Documentation

FeedSink API by Avi Flax of Arc90
“… some ideas for a feed syncing API. My firm and I have decided to drop it, so I thought I’d share my documentation … just in case it might somehow prove even slightly useful.”
Netvibes REST API
Netvibes’s REST-style API. This isn’t an RSS related API but listed here as an example of an API.